Carus Lectures

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Carus Lectures

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The Carus lectures are a series of three lectures presented over three consecutive days in plenary sessions at a Divisional meeting of the APA. It was funded by Open Court Publishing Company in 1925, when the first set of lectures was delivered by John Dewey.


Award Amount:

$5,000 from Open Court at the time of the delivery of the lectures.
A $5,000 advance against royalties for publication of manuscript by Open Court Publishing Company.
The second $5,000, half comes upon delivery of the manuscript and half comes upon actual publication.


The Carus Lecturer is selected Every 2 years (odd years) by the APA's Committee on Lectures, Publications, and Research.
The LPR Chair solicits five nominations from each member of the APA Board.


2007 Bas van Fraassen

2005 Tyler Burger "Perceptual Objectivity: Lecture II" (Pacific)

2003 Judith J. Thomson " Evaluatives," "Reasons for Action," and "Directives" (Central)

2001 Arthur Danto "The Philosophical Restitution of Beauty: Beauty and the Definition of Art," "The Intractable Avant-Garde," and "Internal and External Beauty" (Eastern)

1999 Ruth Barcan Marcus Withdrew/Cancelled

1997 Alasdair MacIntyre "Dependent Rational Animals" (Pacific)

1995 Annette Baier "The Commons of the Mind" (Eastern)

1990 Kurt Baier "The Rational and the Moral Order"


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